Aquagem is a cat who is also an Irken defective. She has lazer powers and her sole purpose in life is to find the Almighty Tallest and destroy them in the most painful way possible. If you like the Almighty Tallest, she will rip out your soul. She obsesses over Invader Zim day and night, as well as her mate Ashfur.

Aquagem is nicknamed Aqua.

She uses her calculator as a weapon, and no, not in the way you think. She will literally fling her calculator at your face if you make her mad.

She likes Upcakes, yeah thats right not CUPcakes but UPcakes. Cause she uses gramical errors leik a BOSS.

She likes this face: XD

She will eat your face if you edit this page.

  • Eats page*
  • eats face* >:U