DerpClan is basically the feline equivalent of Moon Moon.

Derpclan Allegiances: Edit

Leader: StarStar

Deputy: Fluffyclaw

Medicine Cat: Wiltedleaf

Warriors: Yellowbelly, Brokenheart, Wetfire, Ducktalon,

Apprentices: Spotpaw, Kittypaw, Pricklepaw

Kits: Deadkit, Eggkit, Hotkit

Elders: Frogtooth, Loudwhisper

StarStar is best known for

Kits: StarStar! Starstar! Star-Star-Star-STAR!

StarStar: WHAT?

Kits: We want to fight like warriors. We're sick of being kits!

StarStar: I'll see what I can do for you.

Later that day...

StarStar: Let all cats young enough to not catch their own prey gather beneath the Highrock!

StarStar: I, StarStar, have invited TigerClan, BloodClan and the Dark Forest Cats for a fully-fledged, bloodthirsty war against DerpClans very own... Warrior Kits!

Kits: Lol wut

StarStar: Have fun, kits!

Kits: *pwned*

StarStar was never really good with children.