Gingerz is a she-tom that loves Lionblaze. She has a blue face.

Gingerz New Pelt

How Gingerz looks

Hesh has 17 kits, only four of them being adults. Gingerz is a major lover of Animorphs. One day Tobias and Rachel tried to eat Gingerz's face, but that's all.

Mate: Lionblaze

Daughters: Morningdawn, Lilytiger, Pinkspot, Nightpaw, Midnightpaw, Splashpaw, Blazekit, Mosskit, Mystickit, Streakkit, Ripplekit, Mazekit, Beekit, Stripekit, Streamkit and Pebblekit, Brookkit, Goldenkit

Sons: Shadowghost, Smokepaw, Blazekit, Mystickit, Shadowkit, Stripekit, Greykit

Mother: JayC

Father: Jayfeather

Brothers: (JayC will need to help me out with this)

Sisters: (JayC will need to help me out with this...) Scarlettpelt, Silvermoon, IceShadowss

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