If you are looking for someone else, see Rainpool88. Rainy is a chracter in Redtail's Awesomeness. She first appears as Tigerclaw is about to kill Redtail and saves him with a golden dragon she is riding. She returns to ThunderClan, urged on by Redtail, and helps him convince Bluestar that Tigerstar is evil. She joins the Clan as Rainpool after Tigercalw's exile.

Rainpool and Redtail begin to fall in love, even though he has a mate, Brindleface. Redtail eventually choses Rainpool and she helps him cuss Brindleface out.

Brindleface soon gives birth to a kit, Sandkit, and Rainpool threatens to kill the kit and its mother when she suspects that Redtail is the father, but Brindleface explains that her current mate is a purple cabbage. Satisfied, Rainpool lets them go.

Later, Tigerclaw and a band of rogues attack ThunderClan for revenge. Bluestar is killed, and he threatens to kill Rainpool and Redtail, but BLuestra's angry mate Oakheart appears and eats Tigerclaw.

Rainpool accompanies Redtail to the moonstone, where Piestar, a formed leader, informs Redatil that he has the ability to grow old, and if he is to die of old age, Thistleclaw will find a way to reincarnate Tigerclaw as ThunderClan's leader. Redstar tells Rainpool that the only way to prevent this process is to journey to the foothills and find the Tribe of Endless Eating.

They journey to the foothills as directed and find that the Tribe is a group of fat cats. They sneak inside and find the Pool of Everlasting Life. Redstar takes a drink, but he concinvinces Rainpool that she needs to have some, too, saying that he can't live without her, anyway. <3 She finally gives in, but the Tribe catches them.

Just as the overweight cats are about to attack, they all start having heart attacks and they die. Rainpool and Redstar escape.

The mates return to ThunderClan, where Redstar.takes the position of leader. He offers deputyship to Rainpool, but she declines his offer and tells him she is pregnant. She gives birth to two litters of kits (Winterblaze, Springflower, Summersplash, and Autumnleaf; and Duskpaw, Ashpaw, and Splashpaw.).

They live immortally ever after.