Ani couch

The Traditonal Thunderclan Fattening Couch.

Thunderclan is one of the four clans that live around the lake. It also has had numorous Mary Sues and Gary Stus living in it, such as Lionblaze and Cinderheart. At 12:00 noon, all Thunderclan members gather on the comfy couch. The founder of Thunderclan was a kittypet named Princess. She invented the Idea of patrols, and the

Japanese flag.


In April 2008, a twoleg ate a cupcake. It exploded and cats came out of it. These would be the future Clanmates of Thunderclan.

Later that year, in late april, Firestar decided to make a cookie. As he began to take the tray out the stove, he recived a prophecy from Starclan.

Start a clan you Idiot! - Spottedbeef

It was somehow from a former clan cat, even though Thunderclan didn't exist yet. He waited until 3:00 pm that day and then he started a clan. He gathered all the cats who exploded from his wonderful cupcake and made a clan. At first it was called Cupcakeclan, but since it fattened them somehow, they renamed it Thunderclan. That quickly slimmened their waists. Now Thunderclan is hated by millions of cats, and they have the slimmest waists ever.


In The Last Hope, once Lionblaze defeats the Dark Forest with his brick powers, the clan will all turn into dogs.

In TFW, Hollyleaf will return, as a hippie. Watch out for her Tye-Dye Van!

A dog will eat a dog treat in TLH

DOTC will be about four cats learning about math and algebra

Bluestar will return, this time as an eyeball

Giovanni Tigerstar is hiding in the fresh-kill pile.

Firestar survives the final battle, but he turns into a tree at the end of the book.


There have been 7 noteable cats in Thunderclan who weren't Sues or Stus. These cats include Shrewpaw, Molekit, Ambermoon, Alderheart, Snowbush, Purdy, and um... Dandelionkit

The big comfy couch is made of leather

Cloudtail ate 1000 mice at once on saturday. Keep up the great work!

Cupcakes have wheat in them.