Tigerheart's mate is Pinkspot. But before that, he had fallen in love with the heffier Dovepaw(later Dovecow). They had two kits: Tigerstorm and Ambergrass. Then the two lovers went to the mall. Dovecow was there. Tigerheart began to flirt with her. That night, Pinkspot found his Dovecow shrine.(Spottedleaf: *Le gasp* Bluestar: Shut up and stop being a sue! Spottedleaf: I'm just a rotten muffin!!) The two lovers got into a fight. Pinkspot ran away. She later met Breezepelt. They had two kits, Darkscreech and Flame. Then a few months later Pinkspot ran back to Tigerheart after Breezepelt had beaten her with a chair and an apple, bringing the kits. A few months later, they had three more kits: Nightkit, Starkit, and Lunakit.